Sunday, May 3, 2009

Can You Overdose on Cuteness?

The quads are one month old now, and are growing more playful and curious everyday. They make clumsy attempts at wrestling and have started to venture out of the kennel. They have personalities and names now as well. Going clockwise from top left:
  1. The calico kitten is Random. She's the LOUDEST and will SCREAM as soon as Cricket leaves her side. She's also the pushiest when it comes to feeding.
  2. The stripey kitten is Corduroy. I think he's the bravest, because he's always the first one out of the kennel, wanting to look around on his own.
  3. The kitten with brown patches is Mocha, and the one that Mama said I could keep. He doesn't mind being held by people and accepts me when I wash his face and ears.
  4. And finally, the grey and white kitten is Sparkle. She's very shy and delicate, and still shivers if Cricket is away from her for too long.
It's been so wonderful having a garage full of kittens again! Now I can kiss all the little ears I want to and soon I will have a playmate again! Life is good!

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LouPeb said...

They're so cute! I wish I had a kittie brother or sister...