Saturday, May 16, 2009

She Can Be a Little Odd

Miss Marple is about as ancient as Max, so she has earned every right to be a little eccentric.

When she's sitting atop the armoire in the living room, she knocks off the cat and angel figurines one by one to clear her view of the rest of us down here.

When Mama gets up to take a shower in the morning, she rushes into the bathroom and hides behind the toilet the entire time.

A few days ago, Mama bought a new disposable litter box for the kittens and Cricket, but was distracted before she had a chance to take it out to them and fill it with litter. By the time Mama got back to it, Miss Marple had moved in and was napping happily! Since then, she has only gotten out of the box to eat and to use her own litter box- it's still sitting on the green chair by the front door!

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Kipling Kat said...

That must be one awesome box!