Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ick, Ick, ICK!!!


Actually, I don't like it because it sticks.  It sticks to my curly coat like little matted snowballs and makes my fur all heavy and wet. It's difficult to walk like this after a while, and sometimes I just freeze up and Mama has to carry me back to the house.

My sisfur Lucy, however, loves the snow! Her coat is straight and the stuff just falls right off of her. She can run and hop and jump into drifts without any trouble. Mama usually brings me back to the house earlier so she and Lucy can go play outside a little longer. 



Lou said...

still you look so cute in the snow!

Busy Buttons said...

I'm with you...I don't like that stuff, either! Go away, stupid snow! It freezes my belly and gets in between the pads on my paws and makes little "ice rocks" that ouchy. Stupid snow!