Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thank You to Baby Patches and Just4Pets!

A few days ago something simply wonderful happened- my brother Max and I got a package in the mail! I have a cat friend on Twitter named Baby Patches, and Patches' mama owns a pet gift shop called Just4Pets. I won a surprise from Just4Pets on Twitter, and my mama arranged for a little something extra in the mix.

Mama let me sniff for a while, then I got all excited and clawed at it, but she finally had to help me open it. Inside was a plushie skunk that I just love. NOBODY can take my skunkie away from me now! Mr. Squeaky is still the king of my heart, but he's no longer the only toy in my life!

Also inside were two kinds of treats. One kind Mama gave only to my brother, because of my delicate tummy. They were chew sticks that he was so happy about! The treat that she let me have were all natural cheeseburger treats. Nummy nummy!


LouPeb said...

I'm so happy for you Dixie! Aren't they (Baby Patches & her mom) great? I love my Foxie!
You look soooo cute with your skunk!

& Pebbles

Baby Patches said...

Thanks you so much Dixie! I loves your new blog. I will puts you under my dogs who blog. Me and momma are so happies to sees you with your Skunkie! We are glads you likes the treats.