Thursday, April 16, 2009

An Interview with my Mama

My mama's name is Elizabeth, and recently I sat down with her for an interview.

Dixie: Thank you for taking the time to meet with me.
Elizabeth: No problem, Dixie Belle. I love chatting with you.
D: First, may I say what a charming house you have here.
E: Thanks, but if by "charming" you mean small, you're right. It was hard to find a nice home that would allow dogs, so I had to compromise on size.
D: Your dogs are that important to you? They were the deciding factor in which home you moved into?
E: Oh, yes! I would have never moved anywhere that wouldn't allow you and your brother Max. You're my only children!
D: And the cats?
E: I consider them to be pets. I care for them, but I don't feel the same connection that you do.
D: I see. Tell me about Max's background.
E: Well, all I know for sure is that when I adopted him 10 years ago, I was told he was about 10 years old.
D: Oh my! He's ancient!
E: Yes, but he's aged rather well. He's actually gotten more mellow and friendly in his senior years.
D: What do you mean by that?
E: When he first moved in with me, he was very distrusting and often aggressive toward strangers. He was also scared of so many things, such as spoons and telephone cords, that I suspected he'd been abused in his previous home.
D: Dear, dear... How did you find him?
E: When I visited the local animal shelter, there were two dogs about the same size and appearance that I liked. I took the first one out for a walk, and she was housebroken, but she showed no interest in me. Then, when I started to take Max out for a walk, he grabbed the leash in his mouth as if he were showing me the way out! It was so cute that the deal was sealed instantly!
D: Was he called Max back then?
E: No, the name he came with was Blackie, but I wanted something to show his personality. To me, the name Max showcased his grumpy old man attitude.
D: Were there any runners up in the names category?
E: He was almost Kirby. It was very close.
D: Kirby? That's a far cry from Max...
E: It refers to his habit of inhaling his food so quickly. Kirby was the brand of vacuum sweeper that I had at the time.
D: Interesting! Thank you so much for your insights. May we meet again sometime to discuss the little princess in your life?
E: Of course, Dixie. I'd love to help out with your blog!

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LouPeb said...

What a great interview, Dixie! I love Elizabeth already! *wink*
Kepp up the good work! I really enjoy your posts.

Lou & Pebbles