Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mr. Squeaky

My Mr. Squeakies are quite literally the only toys I will play with. No rope bones, no stuffed animals, no tennis balls... Just give me another Mr. Squeaky!

They're really called Good Cuz and Bad Cuz, made by the JW Pet Company. Good Cuz's are little rubber balls with feet; Bad Cuz's have horns.

I can kill the squeaker in them in under an hour of chewing, but the balls themselves and the feet have so far remained intact. These things are so durable that the oldest one in my collection is over three years old and still worthy of a good chew now and then!

Is it the rubber texture that I like? The flavor? The shape and sound? (Even though my Mr. Squeakies don't actually squeak anymore, they do make an oddly pleasing suction sound...) I may never know exactly why I'm so obsessed with these little toys, but I do know that Mr. Squeaky is the only man for me!

(No, I don't work for the JW company or in sales or marketing! I just love these toys so much I refuse to bother with anything else...)

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