Saturday, April 11, 2009

Meet Miss Marple

Meet Miss Marple. When her original owner was moved to a nursing home, she was moved to the local animal shelter. She was in shock and not eating. She refused to leave her litter box in the back corner of her cage, although she did welcome hands reaching in to pet her. She's a senior herself, which meant it would have been difficult for her to find a home.

But she came home with Mama and slowly grew accustomed to her new surroundings. She eventually grew brave enough to leave the box in the office and explore the house, and now she loves sitting on the back of the sofa, just out of the dogs' reach. She adores resting on quiet laps, lounging on the unused dining table, and roosting behind mama's head when shes' working on the computer. Her favorite place of all is a little window shelf from which she can see the backyard and creek.

Miss Marple has explored that backyard a little, but she always rushes back into the house as soon as she hears unknown noises. She would rather do her investigating by observing from afar. This makes her name all the more appropriate, I suppose. Mama polled her relatives for name suggestions for a "quiet little old lady who's content to sit back and observe the world" and, while Mable and Tilly were good choices, she is indeed a Miss Marple.

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flicka47 said...

Looks like Miss Marple has a wonderful homw with you!

tw ~ dopie ! Ha 1 already calling me names????