Wednesday, June 3, 2009


They are a part of life every time spring changes to summer in Indiana, but I'm still horrified of them. I will hop up on my Mama's lap, hide under blankets, and have been known to have bathroom accidents because of them.

Why are they so loud on my sensitive little ears? Why does the lightning have to be so bright that it's spooky in the middle of the night? Why does the wind have to knock branches into the house?

Thank goodness I have my family to huddle around me. They let me snuggle closely and they nuzzle my ears to help me feel better. I am just so very little, and t-storms are so very big...


LouPeb said...

awww poor princess...I don't like T-storm either. *shudders*

Percy said...

I know what you mean. Thunderstorms make us see all sorts of weird things. I think I saw a ghost once, which I described on my blog (Bump in the Night).

Snuggle tight under those blankets and you'll be fine.